What's An Ecommerce SEO Consultant?

An ecommerce seo consultant is an ecommerce developer who is also very well versed in seo (search engine optimisation) and conversion rate optimisation.

They are able to to review your ecommerce website and the platform as whole, look at your site and product content and develop a content strategy. An ecommerce seo consultant is able to work with you on your digital search marketing, and provide valuable results in search engine such as Google and Bing - to not only increase traffic, but have your business / ecommerce website convert visitors to customers!

How I Can Help Your Ecommerce Store


Website & SEO Audit

Auditing your website from a technical perspective to discover any seo issues that could potentially harm seo rankings, e.g. duplicate content, missing / duplicate titles & descriptions, thin content, etc. At the same time, looking at things like user friendliness, speed of pages, images optimisation, proper link structures, etc.


Keyword Research & Mapping

Finding high value, high volume keywords with proper search intent in Google search engine. Identify keywords that you are currently ranking for and building long tail related keywords that will help you get targeted traffic. Prioritise keywords & map them to topics. Identify website pages that will benefit from these keywords to use as a basis for a website content strategy.


Conversion Rate Optimisation

Audit your website from a usability and user experience point of view, and identify key areas of improvement in order maximise conversions, including ecommerce pages (products, collections), newsletter signup, knowledgebase (key information pages), etc.


Analytics Setup & Reporting

Ensure Google Analytics is setup to track all key areas of your website (including conversion meta data). And setup monthly reporting. Identify key areas (KPI) that we agree to monitor and track on a monthly basis. Part of this also includes identifying any other areas of your business that require reporting.


Competitor Analysis

Analysing the seo and marketing strategies of competitors and see whats working and what we can do to fill in the gap.


Link Building & Outreach

Getting your website listed in relevant third party websites & bookmarking sites, giving suggestions to approach websites such as blogs and publications where your content can be placed, etc. Create high quality content that can be naturally shared and linked to.

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